Why I Minister

“Once you have been through this program, there is no other way to be than to be of service.”

Want to Develop Your Inner Life?

The Interspiritual perspective recognizes that each individual has a unique soul, a personal expression of the life force that births us all. It sees that throughout history and across the globe various expressions of this fundamental Oneness have emerged, and that those expressions share a common foundation of understanding and experience.

By enrolling in One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, you will learn how to use (and to support others to use) every experience in life as an opportunity for spiritual evolution. Our heart centered programs contain a deeper curriculum of evolving consciousness and spiritual maturity that will help you to:

  • foster the unique expression of divinity that lies deep within your soul
  • allow that higher wisdom to become the navigator of your life
  • make a transformative positive impact in your life, in your community and in the world around you
  • embody a greater sense of service and lead from a new perspective

Once open, once awake, once aware of the profound interconnectedness and the sanctity of all life, there is simply no other way to be in the world than to be of service.

Are you being called to a higher level of service?

Are you ready to bring mind and heart into harmony as you take your next steps? One Spirit Interfaith Seminary will give you a new understanding of your place in the world, a new way to create a life of meaning and purpose and the skills and presence to humbly serve.

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